[Latest news] You can now select four lessons either “Beginner Class” or “Cycling Skills Class” on time slots and the date you prefer within 3 months from July,2024.
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Novice & Beginners Course

Designed for Beginners

The fee for group class includes the rental of bicycle, helmet and protective gear.

The course not only teaches students from zero to be able to balance themselves, but also teaches basic starting and stopping skills and various bicycle safety knowledge.

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Highlight of the course

Improvers (2-1)


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by the end of the Novice & Beginners Course, rider should be able to:

1. Know the ways of checking bicycle and wearing helmet properly
2. Stop the bicycle with brakes
3. Start off on a two-wheel bicycle without others help and maintain balance on a straight line



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Coach & riders ratio – 1:3
Course Ratios

Novice & Beginner

Beyond Balance

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“Knowing how to ride a bike” is not just about balancing, it also requires knowing how to control the bike.

The Novice & Beginners Course not only teaches the skills of bicycle balance, but also enables students to start and stop by themselves.

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Suitable for both children and adults

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The course is open to adults or children (aged from 4 to 59 years old)*

Adults and children will be in separate group

* For adults aged over 59, we will assess the rider’s ability before recommending the type of classes.

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The major locations for group class are as follow: –

The course locations are mainly situated at the cycling parks, cycle tracks, roads with light traffic, or locations suggested by the rider (where allows cycling legally)


Bike and helmet are provided in the open courses*

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No bike or helmet? The rider will be provided with the bike and helmet during the classes (*the rental fee is included in the course fee).

It is possible to get balanced in one lesson

We often have the inquiry “How many lessons does it take to learn to ride a bicycle?”

In fact, it varies from person to person, and the feeling of balance has nothing to do with age and gender. Adults have the opportunity to learn quickly, while children might have the chance needing extra time to learn it.

The fastest students can balance themselves in the first lesson.

On the whole, most students can balance and stop the bikes by themselves in four lessons.

INVIS Cycling helps anyone who wants to learn how to ride a bike

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INVIS CYCLING is now in a partnership with Cathay, customers can earn Asia Miles on eligible INVIS’ services.

Get Rewarded

INVIS CYCLING is now in a partnership with Cathay, customers can earn Asia Miles on eligible INVIS’ services.

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