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What to expect in Coaching?

Learning cycling as a transporting tool or sport can be very in-depth and specific, but it can basically be split into two categories, ”techniques” and “knowledge”, all INVIS courses are meticulously made by our professional team

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There are different types, discipline, categories and competing events for cycling, which the bikes of course requires different skills to master.

Even you are a daily user of casual biking, you also have to utilize those skills, eg. balancing, looking around, and if they are not well executed, accidents may happen! Hence, the techniques and skills set are essential for learners.



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In Hong Kong, traffic regulations applies when cycling on the road, it is important to at least familiarize yourself with the laws and some of the road signs.

If you wish to compete or participant in mass cycling events, its even more important to get to know the rules. As each event has it own rules, you want to put it in your data base to get comfortable and be safe at all times.


Professional Coaches

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INVIS is formed with talented, versatile coaches, who are highly qualified in their respective expertise with extensive experience, including former Olympic Cyclist, former Hong Kong National Cycling Team member, British Cycling Coaching Certificate Holder and UK National Standard Instructor etc.

Why do we need Cycling Coaching?

There are different types and usage of a bike, so there are indeed a million reasons to start learning, and it is more than just pedaling or balancing.

A Lifelong Ability

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As long as your body balances and adapt while on the bike, it becomes a lifelong skill. Even after a period of time without riding, the inner sense will take just a glimpse until you get back on track

Moreover, this man powered vehicle allows you to overcome travel difficulties when public transport gets jammed, but the perquisite is to acquire it properly.

Correct Knowledge

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We have noticed there are different interpretations on cycling in the society and there might be some misconceptions.

Following the right coaches allows you to access spot on, accurate information.

Enhance Safety

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According to government departments data, accidents in Hong Kong that are bike related usually involve incompetence or personal issues, hence, having the mastery would allow you to bike safely and lower the probability of accidents.

Health and Confidence

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Cycling is a type of healthy cardio sport, which improves your health and keep your body in shape if done regularly. Cycling also bring you various challenges, for example, to bike up a steep hill, to a new place, get a taste of mountain bike etc, each challenge off the list, each obstacle you overcome, would make you stronger and boost your self confidence.

Balance and Coordination

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Cycling is a sport that requires balance and coordination, when you get to handle the bike well enough, you might come up with the famous philosophy of Confucius, “water can hold and let the boat float, but it can also drown it.”

Meaning behind would be, for example, if you are going too fast with your bike, someone might get hit. However, if you go too slow, same happens. Hence, to learn about coordination, is very important.

As in life, we have to seek for a “balance point” in various affairs

About “balance”?

Balance is actually like wind, intangible, you can only feel it.  To learn how to balance, find your course now!

Exploring the City

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Cycling allows you to explore the unexpected and encounter them at your own pace, at your own vibe, most importantly, it doesn’t even cost you a penny and yet your cardiovascular health gets improved.

INIVIS also find out that cycling is a perfect socializing activity , many of our learners get to know each other and gradually become friends!

Get Rewarded

INVIS CYCLING is now in a partnership with Cathay, customers can earn Asia Miles on eligible INVIS’ services.

Get Rewarded

INVIS CYCLING is now in a partnership with Cathay, customers can earn Asia Miles on eligible INVIS’ services.

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