If you would like to join TEAM INVIS,  you are required to complete “Cycling Skills Class” before register this course



Team INVIS offers regular cycling training targeting to children aged between 4-13

We are committed to supporting children’s all-rounded development and character building process through continuous cycling training and participation in cycling competitions

Training Concepts & Philosophies

Develop a good habit of regular exercise

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Team INVIS provides on-going cycling training, allowing our team members to learn to be disciplined and to form a good habit of regular exercise. As an overall benefit, we hope Team INIVIS’s training can enhance our team member’s physical agility.

On a similar note, Team INVIS encourages the members to take part in competitions proactively. This serves as an opportunity for our members to test their skills and abilities acquired from the training. Moreover, it enables the members to gain valuable experience in the game and learn about good sportsmanship in competitive sports. Most of all, we hope our members get the greatest enjoyment from being part of the competition, rather than solely looking for victory.

Ride for Fun & Happiness

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One of the core philosophies of Team INVIS is to offer our members joyful cycling experience.

We hope our members feel happy about cycling and be proactive in the training.

Learn about Safety & Rules

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Team INVIS attaches great importance to the safety of our members. Each member is required to learn a range of bike control techniques and road use codes.

In particular, we focus on improving safety awareness of our members during outdoor training.

Explore the City

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As an old saying goes, “He that travels far knows much”.

This strikes at the core of Team INVIS’s training, which happens at different locations in Hong Kong, Kowloon and New Territories.

We hope our members can explore the hidden gems in the place they call home, and make every cycling training a unique learning opportunity.

Learn about Team Spirit

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Team INVIS places emphasis on learning along with peers and we are keen to increase the cultural diversity in the team (regardless of the nationalities, races and genders). Provided that the participant meets the team’s requirement in technical and physical ability, he/she is most welcomed to join Team INVIS.

On this basis, we encourage bilingualism / multilingualism within team and ask our members to pay respect to different cultures presented in the team.

To embrace the nature

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Team INVIS’s trainings often take the members out of the city area and into the natural settings.

This might expose our members under weather condition that is not ideal (e.g. the heat in summer). We appreciate it as a learning opportunity for our members to adapt to the uncontrollable weather condition. We believe the natural landscape provides opportunities for our members to learn to care for our mother nature.

Establish Positive Thinking

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It is inevitable that things get tough during the training and competitions. Through these tough times, we hope our members learn to take ownership of failures and hardships, and establish their own coping mechanism through positive thinking.

Build Personal Characters

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A huge part of Team INVIS’s training concept is based around learning and growing among peers. When planning the training, we hope to promotion good communications within team and show respect among fellow members. As a result, it brings positive impact on the development of our member’s characters.

Build the Resilience

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Team INVIS incorporates high intensive training for the members regularly (subject to coach’s consideration on the members’ abilities), for example, uphill climbing.

We hope it offers a reasonable level of challenges in the training and strengthens our member’s resilience and determination to give out their best in the training.

Find Personal Goals

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Team INVIS encourages members to set up and revise personal goals throughout the trainings and competitions.

Challenge and Breakthrough

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Mountain biking makes up part of the Team INVIS’s cycling training. The safety of every mountain bike trail will be assigned before the training takes place.

We hope rocky biking trails bring challenges and excitement to our members. It is also a great opportunity to push ones’ boundary and learn to overcome fears. Through mountain bike training, we hope it gives a massive boost to our members’ confidence and develop a strong belief that they have the power to overcome any obstacles.

Be Independent and unleash the Potentials

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It comes in natural that parents are protective to the children and it is not uncommon to see children can become over relying on their parents in everyday living.

It is Team INVIS’s vision that our members can gradually become independent and know that they are well capable of completing certain tasks by themselves.

We hope the parents can see our team’s training as a valuable experience for our members to grow as an individual being with increasing independence and autonomy.

The Characteristics of Training

To discover the talents for the future!

Teaching Students according to Their Aptitude

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The coaches will form training groups according to the assessment on the members’ abilities in all areas (physical, mental and technical cycling abilities). Then, the coaches will design and plan for the training contents in each month with reference to the internal training policy.

The team training runs on a yearly basis, starts from every 1st September to 31st August in the following year.
During the above mentioned period, a 2-hour training takes place every weekend on a continuous basis.

Professional Coaching Team

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Mr. Fasi Chan, the head coach of Team INVIS, holds multiple local and overseas coaching certifications including British Cycling Coaching Certificate in Level 1 & Level 2. He is a professional cycling coach with over 10 years of experience in this area. He is also a recognized commissaire in international cycling events.

Small Group of Classes

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Team INVIS adopts the principle of small group-sized classes with the coaches to trainees ratio of following:

  • Group Aged 4-6 –  1:5 and up to 2:10 (+-2).
  • Group Aged 5-11 – 1:5 and up to 2:10 (+-2).
  • Group Aged 11-13 – 1:6 and up to 2:12 (+-2).

Recruiting members, join us now!


Entry requirement and assessment

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Joining Team INVIS, the member is required complete the “Improvers Course” (Personal Coaching or Open Course).

Assessment content and factors for consideration of entrance includes:

  • Personal attitude
  • Cycling knowledge (i.e. wear a helmet and check the bicycle)
  • Cycling techniques (starting, stopping, turning, one-handed, looking backward and turning etc.)
  • Meeting with parents
  • Pick up arrangements on the days of training
  • Understand and agree that it is possible to train on roads or rugged mountain roads

Equipment requirement

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To join Team INVIS, you will need to bring your own equipment, including:

  • Group Age 4-6 BMX or Mountain bike (except Folding Bike)
  • Group Age 5-11 Mountain bike with shifter, 20 inches or above (If the bike cannot be ride on due to height problems, it will be considered individually based on the performance of the assessment)
  • Group Age 11-13 26 inches wheel’s or above Mountain bike with shifter, or Roadbike
  • Helmet
  • Bicycle water bottle
  • Cycling uniforms (a set of uniform is included in the membership fee)
  • Protective gear (recommended)
  • Speedometer (recommended)
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Entry Requirement

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  1. Meet the standard in techniques, attitude  and equipment
  2. Able to commit training at least once a week through out the year
  3. Accept NO change in date or class and make-up arrangement

Get Rewarded

INVIS CYCLING is now in a partnership with Cathay, customers can earn Asia Miles on eligible INVIS’ services.

Get Rewarded

INVIS CYCLING is now in a partnership with Cathay, customers can earn Asia Miles on eligible INVIS’ services.

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To discover the talents for the future!

Team INVIS is looking forward to the joining of all the potential young riders!