Payment Methods

We offer a variety of convenient payment methods

We welcome customer to settle payment through bank deposit, transfer, cheque or e-cheque, to our company account.


Account Number HSBC Bank (004) 491-805859-001
Account NameChinese Name: 形動香港有限公司
  1. Customers are welcomed to deposit directly into the our HSBC bank account through all HSBC branches or the “Express Banking” throughout Hong Kong.
  2. Please mail the cheque to our office and have your name, contact number, customer number (if any) and payment details written clearly at the back of your cheque.
  3. Cheque must be cleared to be considered a successful payment.
  4. HSBC and Hang Seng Bank customers can make transfers through the ATMs under the HSBC Group.
  5. HSBC customers can transfer through telephone banking, mobile banking or online banking.
  6. Please email [email protected] if you wish to pay by e-cheque.


We now welcome customers to use FPS for payment. You can complete the payment by simply transferring the funds through online-banking or SVF and entering one of the following information.


Please visit FPS official website for more details.

Customers are welcome to pay through the Octopus App.

Pay by Octopus App

Customers are welcome to come to our office to pay their bills, and on-the-spot cash payments are only available for a small number of services.

Our Sheung Wan Office

Address : Room 1003 10/F Wing Tuck Commercial Centre, 177-183 Wing Lok Street West, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong


Cash Payment

Please have your service confirmed at reservation in advance.

* Please obtain a receipt after your payment.

Members of our Continuous Training Course are accepted to pay through Autopay.

You can enjoy a special service price using Autopay. Please ask for more details.

  1. To use the Autopay service, please download the Autopay Authorization Form and return the completed and signed form as directed.
  2. If there is any rewrites in the contents of the Automated Transfer Authorization, the applicant must sign the full name near the rewrite spot.

We accept payment by “P-card”.

To make a payment with the “Commercial Purchase Card”, please contact us at 3543 0033 or email to [email protected].

We accept Credit Card via Stripe.

You may settle payment with major credit cards, simply just press the “Pay now” button in the XERO invoice.

Credit Card Payment Charge + 3.95%

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