INVIS CYCLING was established since 2008, we provide a variety of cycling-related services not limited to leisure or professional cycling courses, cycling coaching sessions, cycling activities and road safety promotion.

Our team consists of instructors and coaches with local or overseas qualifications.

Why choosing INVIS?


Our courses ranges from beginner to professional level

Customer Based

We always value our customers first

We keep class size small to take care of every learner


Over 10 years of service experiences

Professional Team

Our coaches are experts in this field

All around Hong Kong

We provide services in ALL areas (HK Island, Kowloon & New Terriotories)

Just bring yourself

Open Course provides Free Equipment rental

All-Rounded Support

Company vans for all-rounded mobile support

Safety First

Insurance coverage for all the services

Professional Team

INVIS is formed with talented, versatile coaches, who are highly qualified in their respective expertise with extensive experience, including British Cycling Coaching Certificate Holder and UK National Standard Instructor etc.

All-Rounded Service

INVIS understand everyone have different needs and it is always your choice to train competitively, or challenge yourself by learning to do tricks, or just basically learn it as a skill for safety or health.

We provide all rounded service for learners of different levels and purposes, so it does not matter if you are a beginner or an expert, aiming for competitive or casual usage, come give us a shot!

One-Stop Service

INVIS Mobile Supporting Center is innovative as we hold lessons around the city, providing the bike and helmet makes it even better.

With the coaches giving the best cycling experience and insurance to keep you safe, our service is undoubtedly reputable

INVIS truck

Well Experienced

INVIS was founded 10 years ago, we have been teaching with passion, also by touching upon organizations of different size, people from different background,  all allow us to be the veteran in the industry and gain reputation from previous costumers.

Why are we called “INVIS”?

Our company name “INVIS” is short for the word “INVISible”, not only does it motivate us to work indivisibly, in silence, but also it shows the qualities of our founder in laying the groundwork in promoting cycling to the public, the hard work and determination to push and guide our costumers speaks volume for our success and we hope to be the “INVISible drive” for every rider.

Company Vision

To Become The Public First Choice

INVIS is based in Hong Kong, we wish to promote cycling by providing top notch yet safe service, we hope to start a culture, we want everyone to know how to pedal and have INVIS in mind for top quality cycling service.

Company Mission and Goals

Enjoy Happy Cycling Moment

INVIS passes knowledge through various cycling training and events, which are also inspirational, fun and satisfying.

We are committed to :

• Promoting Cycling & Safety
• Delivering Accurate Knowledge & Enhancing Cycling Skills
• Inspiring People to Cycling Fun & Gaining Satisfaction
• Providing High Quality Services
• Setting Industry Service Standards
• Promoting Cycling as Compulsory School Curriculum

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