Mountain Bike (XC) Course

Mountain Bike (XC) Course

Prepare for continuous training/participating in a game

Mountain biking is a challenging activity that requires the use of different expertise to pass various terrains and barriers.

After completing Mountain Bike (XC) Course, you should be able to:

  • Know about the structure of MTB bike
    • Know about adjust tire and height
  • Cope with different roads
    • (Mud, roots, gravel and stairs, etc)
  • Ride with appropriate position
    • Uphill and downhill, etc.
  • Know how to change your gear
  • Learn about route selection
  • Balance your bike while not moving

Coach will adjust the training content according to the actual progress of trainee’s.

Adults/ Kids can sign up

Mountain Bike (XC) Course is suitable for most people:

  • Any registered customer;
  • Students who are able to balance and ride without the assistance of others;
  • Both men and women can apply;
  • Age 6 years old – 69 years old * (Kids / Adults are trained separately).
  • Students who have completed the Improvers Course

* Students aged 6 or younger can choose the “Personal Coaching” service. Students over the age of 69 are considered for individual cases.

Small-Class Coaching

The ratio of coaches and trainees is 1:6

Please refer to the “Training Ratio Limit”


Generally in country places or any locations provided by the customer
(*must be legal for riding)

Locations (including but not limited to):

  • Yuen Long District Kam Tin
  • North District Sheung Shui

Enquiry & Sign up!

Please email [email protected] for the course details.

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