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Technique that by Self evaluate or verify by Coach

[0-4] [(Not certified); (Verified by coach / [NAME] / [DD/MM/YYYY)]

Learnt/Mastered Cycling Technique/Skills

TechniqueStatusVerify PersonVerify DateNotes / Comment
(eg) Ride without saddle[Learnt][Name of Coach][DD/MM/YYYY]learnt in [Class XXX], please keep on trying
(eg) Gear Changing[Mastered][Name of Coach][DD/MM/YYYY]
(eg) Uphill[Not approved]added by customer

[Can do];

[Not confident];

[Can not do yet]


Activity Log

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CodeNameDateGroupAttendance Rate/Result
(eg)TEST-XXXTESTDD/MM/YYYY5th , 00:05:00
(eg) RACE-123XXX RACEDD/MM/YYYY[…]3rd , 01:50:23