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The best way to change the future is education

We believe that cycling is the one of the green sports to make an impact to the future.
Our participation in the development of cycling for local schools is continuous, we help them to establish their own cycling teams and support them to participate in local cycling games.

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Our Experiences

We have served over 10,000 students and it is still growing.
Our company is very administrative-friendly which is a plus for many of our local schools.


Services for school


School Team

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If you wish to set up a cycling school team or continue to hold cycling training and aim to participate in cycling events, we are here to offer :

  • Pick the right members
  • Purchase the equipment
  • Provide ongoing training courses
  • Arrange for local cycling games
  • Lead the team…

All of the above are subject to school schedule, training frequency and venue. We understand that each school has a unique background and different needs. Please contact us directly to discuss further about your requirements and objectives.

* Apply to Primary and Secondary schools


Interest Class / Safety Class

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We can provide long-term and short-term interest classes to accommodate the needs of your school, we also offer safety training course which is designed to enhance the level of bike control for students.

Please contact us for the initial objective and schedule of your interest for further information.

Cycling Talk

Training & Similar

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We could offer training for teachers and students, to share safe cycling knowledge, demonstrate various bike items and teaching materials and have Hong Kong team athlete shared his experience.

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