Kowloon Bay

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Gathering Point

Cycling Ground, Kowloon Bay Park

Kai Lai Road, Kowloon Bay

Parking/Public Transport

By Car

There is a Car Park located opposite the Cycling Ground
(Google Map https://goo.gl/maps/iMFhm786fvn)

Public Transport

You can reach the Kowloon Bay Park by Bus or GMB




Wang Kwong Road:13X/15A/107(CTB/KMB)/641(NWFB/KMB)*/224X

Kai Wah Street:24/5D/5M/108

Kai Yip:22 (CTB/KMB)/28B/74A/606X*(CTB/KMB)

* Peak-hour only;unless otherwise specified all buses listed above are operating by KMB

Suitable Classes

This location is suitable for :

.Any Private or Group or Open classes – from Beginner to Improver Levels


There is a toilet located at the park


.Please note that this venue is an outdoor space. It might be affected by any inclement weather. In such case, the instructor will inform the students about the alternative location prior the class as early as possible

.Please be mindful that this venue is a public space, we recommend the rider to cycle with caution and respect other users in this shared space

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