Reservation & Booking Policy



  1. 請先填妥《個人帳戶登記表格》|Google form / PDF 及《PAR-Q體適能與你表格》|PDF 登記成為客戶。
  2. 聯絡我們以選擇課程及查詢檔期和收費。
  3. 付款以作確認進行預約。
  4. 形動收到款項後,將會向客戶發出帳單(同時為確認信),當閣下收到帳單後,即表格有關預約已完成及確認。


  1. 請先填妥《團體帳戶登記表格》|Google form / PDF 登記成為客戶。
  2. 聯絡我們 以查詢檔期、收費和索取報價單 (如需要)。
  3. 聯絡我們 簽回報價單(如有) 或 直接以書面向客戶服務部預訂 課程 / 服務 (如查詢時公司表示毋須報價單)。
  4. 形動將會向客戶發出帳單,請付款以完成預約;如未能按指定時間付款,有關預約將取消而不另行通知,再次預約請重覆以上步驟。
  5. 當形動收到款項後,有關帳單後即成為確認信。
  6. 如預約單車課程,請於課程的第一課開始前,提供學員名單 及 每名學員的《PAR-Q體適能與你表格》| PDF


已登記帳戶之客戶如欲更改個人資料或取消帳戶,可填妥《客戶資料更新表格》| Google form 通知形動。



2. Account Policy

  1. There are two types of accounts.
    • Personal Accounts
      INVIS welcomes all individuals to register. Customers younger than 18 are required to be registered by a contact person who is 18 or older. The contact person must also register for a personal account. A personal account holder may apply for an INVIS CYCLING TEAM or SNOVA membership.
    • Group Accounts
      INVIS welcomes all groups or organisations to register. Group accounts must be registered with at least one contact person, who will manage the account and also register for a personal account.
  2. Confirmation will be sent once the account has been registered; a unique customer ID will be issued to each account to indicate confirmation. (temporary suspended)
  3. Please keep secure all account information issued by INVIS to avoid leakage of any personal information.
  4. All registered Personal and Group account customers may cancel their account or update their personal information through written communication or by submitting a form to INVIS.
  5. INVIS CYCLING TEAM or SNOVA members may cancel their account or update the personal information through written communication or by submitting a form to INVIS. A penalty may apply if membership is cancelled before the contract period completed.
  6. Please inform INVIS within 7 days of any changes to personal information.
  7. To register an account or revise account information, please log on to the Internet Customer Service System or complete the relevant form, which is available on INVIS’s website or by telephone, email or fax upon request.
  8. INVIS reserves the right to approve or refuse account applications; please refer to INVIS’s website invis.hk the relevant guidelines for more information about account registration.

3. Service Application/Reservation Policy

  1. INVIS provides any cycling coaching or training services only to registered customers (except service of cycling performance, demonstration, trainer trial or lecture).
  2. All services must be reserved and paid in advance, and payment must be settled by the end of the specified period to avoid cancellation. If the appointment is cancelled, the customer is required to re-book.
  3. Reservation can be completed via the Internet Customer Service System, by phone, email, fax, post or in person at our office. INVIS accepts applications/reservation by forms, recordings left with our hotline or any written format. Once the application is accepted, INVIS will issue confirmation to the customer.
  4. To ensure that customers’ physical fitness is adequate for cycling, Training Service requires that customers have a valid PAR-Q&U form. If the PAR-Q&U is expired, customers must complete a new form.
  5. All services are limited and delivered on a first-come-first-served basis.
  6. If there are insufficient enrolment numbers, INVIS reserves the right to cancel the service or ask customers to switch to other courses.
  7. Please note the organiser of the service before applying; some services may be organised by other organisers of which INVIS is an agent. The service terms and conditions might be different from those for services organised by INVIS
  8. By submitting a service application or settling any payment to INVIS (even without any written registration, reservation or application), the customer confirms acceptance of all INVIS’s terms and conditions.
  9. Please refer to INVIS’s website invis.hk or the related guidelines for more information about the service application method.

4. Payment Policy

  1. All service fees indicated on Invoices shall prevail; other information about service fees is for reference purposes only.
  2. Customers must follow all terms indicated on the Invoice, and settle payments before the due date.
  3. Reservation will be cancelled if payments are overdue or invalid. All deposits or payments will then become invalid and will not be refunded. Partial, late or undecipherable payments will not be regarded as valid payments.
  4. Reservation is valid for specific period only, expired reservation cannot be used.
  5. INVIS accepts money transfers, deposits, cheques, e-cheque, pre-paid vouchers, PayPal, cash & purchase card to settle payments. Auto-pay service is available for INVIS CYCLING TEAM services.
  6. Customers must keep their receipts, and inform INVIS of their payment as soon as possible after deposit. Payment is valid only after customers have informed INVIS.
  7. Please refer to INVIS’s website invis.hk or the relevant guidelines for more information about payment methods.


  • 預約以先到先得形式提供。(以付款時間計算)
  • 預約只會於繳付訂金或付款後生效。
  • 由於服務檔期有限,特別是公眾假期,我們建議於預約時一次過預約全部堂數。



5. Change, Cancellation and Refund Policy

  1. No cancellations or refunds are given once reservation/application is accepted.
  2. If you need to make a change to your reservation then you may have to pay a service fee (unless change decided by INVIS’s representative), Changes can be requested within 3 days after application (except for service upcoming within 3 days) without charge.
  3. All cancellations or changes, unless decided by INVIS’s representative, will be regarded as absences, and no make-up or additional services will be given.
  4. If make-up or additional services are given, all arrangement must be made by INVIS; no further changes to make-up or additional services may be made by customers.
  5. Make-up and additional classes must be arranged within 90 days of the original date of service; overdue make-up or additional classes will be regarded as given up by the customer.