Course Levels

Choosing The Right Course

INVIS provides courses ranging from beginner to expert, competitive level, this page helps you find the most suitable course

Course Type

INVIS’s course can be categorized in “Private” or “Open”(Group Class), further dividing learners of different levels


Private Coaching

  • Tailor-made to accommodate individual needs.
  • Suitable for individual or groups.
  • You may choose your own schedule & location*.
  • Charged by the number of coaches.
    (For example, one or four participants within one class would be the same price, but there are restrictions on the number of people)

*subject to coach availability


Open Course (Group Class)

  • Rental of bike, helmet and protective equipment inclusive for Open Course.
  • More affordable option.
  • Charge Individually.
  • Participants can choose different levels of courses.
  • Participants can choose classes of their respective levels in the timetable.

Wide Coverage

Feels like schooling to learn at INVIS, we are systematic and specific, from kindergarten to university levels, providing services to costumers of all levels.

  • Kindergarten = Level 0 (Novice & Beginners / Foundation)
    For learners who are fresh, have never ride a bike
  • Primary = Level 1 (Improvers/Intermediate) 
    For learners who have basic skills but never attend any cycling course
  • Secondary = 2 Advanced
    For learners who have finished prerequisite “1 Improvers” course, or pass equivalent assessment
  • University = 3 Continuous 
    For learners who have finished prerequisite “2 Advance” course, or pass equivalent assessment

 0 Foundation 1 Intermediate 2 Advanced 3 Continous

Course Level

There are 4 level in total for INVIS courses, for different needs and levels of learners – Level 0 Foundation,  Level 1 Intermediate, Level 2 Advanced and Level 3 Continuous

  • 0 Foundation Course (Novice & Beginners) or  1 Intermediate Course (Improvers)
    For learners who have never attend any cycling course
  • 2 Advanced Course (Discipline-specific) 
    For learners who have finished prerequisite “1 Improvers” course, or passed equivalent assessment
  • 3 Continuous Course
    For learners who have finished prerequisite “2 Advance” course, or passed equivalent assessment
Improvers (2-1)

0 Foundation
(Novice & Beginners)

The foundation level 0 is designed for beginners.

After completing the foundation level 0, the trainees should be able to balance the two-wheeled bicycle for driving and parking without the assistance of others.


1 Intermediate

The intermediate level 1 is suitable for trainees who can balance two-wheel bicycles themselves without having participated in formal training.

The Improvers course content teaches a variety of practical cycling skills that help students to travel more comfortably and safely to the cycling journey for general leisure or transportation purposes.


2 Advanced

Bicycles are divided into discipline, and each discipline have different rules and technique .

Advanced level 2 courses are discipline-specific to teach the relevant knowledge and techniques for each discipline.

Suitable for participants who have completed the intermediate level 1.


3 Continuous

Continuous level 3 training is designed for trainees who wish to use bicycles for regular exercise and even those who are interested in large cycling events or cycling events.

School Organization Club Company Corporate Government

INVIS also offer courses for group and organization, please contact us for details.

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